September 22, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on September 22, 2021.

Online Pledge Forms

Set up online campaigns. With new online pledge forms, your contributors can pledge to the campaigns you set up from anywhere. Create forms for all of your campaigns, and link to them from your website to give contributors quick access.

Current campaigns can have pledge forms, too! If you have set up long-term or recurring campaigns, you can create a pledge form for each of them. Click the ellipsis icon next to an existing campaign, and select Manage Pledge Form.

Customize your pledge forms. Design the forms you create to suit the campaigns they represent. Customize the thank you messages at the end for the specific needs each campaign covers.

Realm Accounting

Completed recurrences are organized in their own list. Once a recurring transaction or invoice has reached its stop date, it is automatically moved to a Completed list, keeping it separate from those that are still ongoing.

Mark recurrences as completed. Seasonal or irregular recurring transactions or invoices that are temporarily marked as completed are kept on the Completed list until the recurrence is updated and restarted.