May 5, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on May 5, 2021.

Email History

View a history of emails that you have sent from Realm.Click the envelope icon in the top-right corner of any non-Community screen to view a list of emails you have sent from Realm. The history page saves emails for a year. 

View statistics about each email. See who the email was sent to, who received the email and who didn’t receive the email due to bounces, missing emails on their profile or being unsubscribed to Realm emails. Email history shows statistics for 30 days after the email was sent. 

Download email statistics as a .csv file. You can download a list of individuals for any of the email statistics as a .csv.  For example, you can create a .csv of individuals who didn’t receive the email due to not having an email on their profile. 

Copy the content of a sent email to reuse it. If you need to resend an email or compose an email similar to an email you’ve already written, copy the content by clicking the Copy Email Content button on any email on the history page. You can then paste that content into a new email and edit it if needed. 

Archive an email on the history page. If you need to save an email for longer than a year, you can archive it. You can view all archived emails under the Archived tab on the history page. 


Move custom profile field data to the new personnel fields. If you're currently tracking personnel information in custom fields, use the Move Personnel Data process to copy your data into the fields on the new personnel tab.

In each step of the process, you'll select your source fields (where the data is pulled from) that match each of the destination fields on the personnel tab (where you're copying the data to). If any of the values in your source fields don't match the values in the destination fields, you're prompted to relabel and/or combine the values so the data can be moved correctly.

This process copies the selected data over to all profiles marked as personnel. For each profile, it looks at the source fields you selected. If there's information in that field, it copies the value to the destination field you matched it with. If there's already information in the destination field, it is not overwritten. Once all of your data is moved to the personnel fields, you can disable or delete your custom fields. For details, see Move Personnel Profile Data.

View assignment/position titles in Community. ​If a personnel has an assignment/position, you can now see their title next to their name on their profile and search results in the Community section. This displays only the primary assignment/position. If an individual has multiple assignments/positions and none of them are primary, the title with the most recent start date will display.


See if recurring gifts are active or on hold. When you enter or manage a contributor's pledge, this information displays if a recurrence is already set up for it.

Save and set up online gifts. If administrators have permission to enter online gifts on behalf of your contributors, a button now displays on an individual's pledge to save and set up a gift for them.

Print contributor labels. If you run a custom query for giving, you now have the option to print labels based on how contributors give. For example, if a husband and wife share giving, their names will print on the same label. If giving is not shared, their labels are separate.

iOS and Android Connect App

Find people using the directory. In the next app update, you can view and search for people using the new mobile app directory.

View assignment/position titles. In the next app update, if a personnel has an assignment/position, you can now see their title next to their name on their profile and in search results.

App Help documentation. In the next iOS app update, you can find a help link to app documentation in the expanded menu. This is coming soon for Android!