May 19, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on May 19, 2021.


Apply a pledge to a recurring gift. When you set up or edit a giving form, you can allow contributors to add a pledge to a recurring gift on the Thank You Message page. When allowed, this becomes an option for contributors only if the fund they give to also has a campaign set up for it.

Pledge progress displays more information. Congregants who review their pledges can now see the following:
  • the gift's frequency
  • the percentage of the pledge that's been fulfilled
  • the total amount pledged
  • the amount given toward the pledge
  • the amount remaining

This provides clarity to contributors who are curious about where their progress toward a campaign stands.

Print a fund summary report. You can find the Fund Summary in the Giving section of Predefined Reports. This report displays the total amount of contributions given toward your funds in week-to-date (WTD), month-to-date (MTD), and year-to-date (YTD) periods. You can further define these periods by selecting a custom range before you run the report.

Realm Accounting

We've updated how your budget displays the fiscal year. If you run on a fiscal year, your budget displays both years included in it and not just the current year.

Filter and print your change log. The edits you make in Realm Accounting build up over time. Now, you can filter only the changes that are made in specific areas and print a list of your change log entries.


Choose what participant information will show in your group promotion list. When you edit group details, go to the Participants section. From there, you can choose the information you see on the group's participant list. Select all options or choose the ones that are most important to you. When you promote individuals, you'll see this information.

Realm Login

Have you forgotten your password? If you try to reset your password and you aren't using the right email, we let you know. A message will show up to tell you there isn't an account associated with the email address you're using so you can double-check, and try again.


Make a private note public. When you're on a note, you'll see the option to make it public. If you change a note from private to public, know that this will also change the privacy of the note. For public notes, anyone with the Manage Notes permission can view, edit, or delete the note.

More information shows for duplicate profiles. Resolving duplicates can be complicated if you don't have the right profile information. Now, when you resolve duplicates, you'll see a primary email and a primary phone number on profiles. This will help you better determine which profiles are truly duplicated.

Need to merge a profile? We've cleared up any confusion around merging in Realm. Areas that used to say Merge Record/Records now say Merge Profile/Profiles.