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March 10, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on March 10, 2021.

Giving Numbers

Giving number setup is now in Giving Settings. We've added a new tab on the Giving Settings page where you can prepare your giving number sequence.

Image of the Giving Numbers tab on the Giving Settings page.

Set the first number in sequence. This is the first number of the giving number sequence that you set. Subsequent giving numbers will follow this one.

Reuse numbers or don't. If you choose to reuse giving numbers, profiles that were deleted, merged, or married will give up their old numbers to new profiles. However, if you choose not to reuse giving numbers, the new profiles that you add will adopt a brand new number that has never been used.

An individual's giving number is more accessible. If you apply the Manage Giving Numbers permission to a responsibility, anyone with that responsibility can manage giving numbers on a profile's Info tab. Do this to allow staff members to view and edit giving number information if they have permissions to add or edit individuals but don't have access to Giving. This option is turned off by default.

Remember, if you call giving numbers by another name and have edited Realm to reflect this, Realm will use the name you set.


Add additional tax information to boxes 12 and 14 of Form W-2. Add a line to enter any additional information to those boxes required by your state that cannot be set up as an adjustment or local tax. An example of this is an insurance plan number.

Track financial trends across 10 years on your Statement of Activities. Compare and print activity to review your budget's health between years and how much was actually spent. Keep track of seasonal trends at a glance, and print this information to keep for your records.


Option to remove church-wide events from the event list. When you select not to share an event on the newsfeed you have the option to also remove it from the event list. You can find this option on the Add New Event page in the Notification Settings section.

The promotion page layout is based on your group participant grid selections. You can choose grid options such as Joined Group, Last Login, Age/Birthday, and Date Last Attended when you edit group details. Anything you choose to show for participants will also show on the promotion page. Keep in mind when the Age/Birthday option is selected for children this information only shows if you are the Family Position of Child. If you select all names on the Promote Individuals page, you can view the number of promotions and drops. However, you are not able to promote or remove all records at once using this feature. Each individual must be manually promoted or removed.


Choose to send or not to send an email for specific newsfeed posts. Now when you create a newsfeed post, share a photo, or create an event you have the option to send a notification email. The default for this option is on. If you decide to send an email, know that individuals without a primary email on file will not receive an email. However, if you deselect this option, your post will show on the newsfeed without sending an email.


Updated the pathways export options. The same information will export when you select Export (csv) from the actions drop-down list or click the printer icon. We also included CSV as a file format option when you choose to print. Now whenever you export people or pathway steps, you'll see these columns for both: Assigned to, Date added to step, and Date removed from step.