June 2, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on June 2, 2021.

General Ledger Import

Import your transactions. If you store your general ledger transactions in one or more CSV files, you can import them into Realm Accounting. Select how you want Realm Accounting to read your file, and map the cells of your CSV to the appropriate fields. All imported transactions are saved as open transactions.

Create templates. If you need to import multiple sets of transactions in one sitting or throughout the year, create templates to make sure your imports are consistent. Templates save your import settings, so you don't have to reenter the information you applied the first time.

Realm Accounting

Log bank reconciliation changes. When you add or remove transactions from bank reconciliation, the action is documented in the change log for Realm Accounting.

Colors indicate the health of your income budget. We've updated the colors to inquiries to show how well your income budget is performing. This matches how expenses currently display. You will see the following when you run an inquiry on your budget:

  • Red— 0-80% Income; over 95% Expense
  • Orange— 80-95% Income and Expense
  • Green— over 95% Income; 0-80% Expense


Online giving receipts now display pledge fulfillment. Insert the new pledge-status-text tag when you edit the system email for online giving. This will notify contributors of their current progress and how their online gifts are affecting their pledge. If a contributor has a split gift across multiple pledge funds, he or she will see one sentence per active pledge.

See more information on the Pledge Dashboard. When you click any piece of data on the Pledge Dashboard, both frequency and pledge period display with each contributor's name.

Export contributors' emails. When you export a list of contributors from the Pledge Dashboard, their email addresses display on the CSV.

View edits made to pledges. Click a pledge to view its information, including if and when a detail about that pledge was changed.

Print your Fund Summary and Detail reports by either gift date or batch date. From Predefined Reports, if you select Gift Date, your Fund Summary displays the total amount of gifts given within the selected date range. If you select Batch Date, it displays the amount of gifts batched within the selected date range. With these separate views, you can determine when contributions, especially online, were actually given and how much was deposited from online giving. This is only available if you've enabled online giving.


Requesting to join a group? We've updated the wording for new members. When you submit a request, you're given a friendly and informative message about your request. This lets you know the process for joining, exactly what joining a group means for you, and how you can manage group notifications.

Print promotion rosters. On the Promote tab, you can print a roster for a group that is ready to promote. When you go to print, by default all groups that are ready to promote are selected. However, you can select to print a roster for a specific group or all groups. Keep in mind, groups that haven't been marked as ready for promotion or saved as drafts won't show up as options when you print.


Create a custom query report for past group participants. We added a new option to Roster Status. Now you can select from Past as well as Current, which existed before. The Past option allows you to see all past participants of a group.