June 16, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on June 16, 2021.


Changes to the Attendance chart labels. We’ve changed the names of two columns on the attendance chart for better clarity:
  • Total Attendees column is now Individuals
  • Average # of Attendees column is now Average Attendance

Filtered totals no longer include summary attendance.  When you apply a filter to the attendance dashboard, such as Roster Type = Leader, the Total Attended column in the attendance chart no longer includes individuals recorded using summary attendance.

The Overview Dashboard shows more information about scheduled gifts. When you click Scheduled Gifts on the Overview Dashboard, emails, phone numbers, and mailing addresses now display with each contributor's name.

Statement of Activities

Track your transaction activity "to date". We've included both Month to Date and Quarter to Date columns to the Statement of Activities report. The report will use the last month of the reporting period to determine the month, quarter, or year. For example, if the end of a date range is 07/20/2020, then the month is July, it is the third quarter, and the year is 2020.


Predefined reports have a primary contact email. These predefined reports with the option to include a primary contact now also include a primary email: Roster, Roster Sign-In, Marking Sheet, Attendance Marking Sheet, and Promotion Roster Report. You can find the email address listed under the primary phone number on a report.


Create tags for pathways. Users with the Manage Pathways permission can find and sort through pathways using the tag feature. When you create a pathway tag, it will show up on the Pathways page when you sign in.


View multiple phone numbers and emails. If an individual has entered more than one phone number or email address, these now display on the person's profile page in the Community section.

Coming Soon

Query on personnel data. Want a list of all personnel with a specific assignment/position or status? In a future update, you'll see personnel attributes in a custom query. Keep an eye out!