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July 28, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on July 28, 2021.

Mobile Check-in

With fall groups are starting again soon, there's a strong need to provide both online and in-person options for group gatherings, registration events and volunteers. With mobile check-in, individuals can use the Realm Connect app as safe, contactless check-in for themselves and their family members. Administrators can also track attendance data to better understand how many individuals attend virtually compared to in-person.

Create in-person and virtual events. You can now create events that are in-person only, virtual only, or a hybrid of both. You can also edit an existing event to update this setting. 

Enable mobile check-in. You can enable mobile check-in for existing ministry areas, groups, serving teams and registration events, allowing congregants to check in from their mobile device. When you make a new ministry area, group, team, or event, you can now select a mobile check-in setting upon creation. 

Mark attendance for in-person and virtual attendees. When marking attendance, you can now see if an event was held in-person or virtual only. If an event was both in-person and virtual, you can now select how an individual attended the event when marking attendance. 

Attendance Dashboard

View information about in-person vs. virtual attendees. On the Attendance dashboard, you can now view data about the number of individuals who attended in-person vs. virtual.

View information about in-person and virtual additional summary markings. When you click on a link or a graph on the Attendance dashboard, if attendance includes additional summary markings, you can now see how many individuals were marked as in-person and virtual. 

iOS and Android Connect App

Check in using a mobile device. In the next app update, attendees and volunteers will be able to use their mobile device as contactless check-in for themselves and their family members. 

  • If notifications are enabled, individuals will receive a mobile check-in notification one hour before the first event on that day. 

  • If an event has an option for in-person or virtual attendance, you can select between them during check-in.

  • In the case that an individual does need to stop by a kiosk to complete the check-in process and print badges, the mobile app displays the code to scan or enter. Badges are then printed automatically. 

  • If an individual is attending an event online, they can view the event’s details and even join the event from their mobile device. 

Mark attendance for in-person and virtual attendees. For more detailed attendance tracking, in the next app update, you will be able to mark whether individuals attended an event in-person or virtually from your mobile device. 

Improved church information screen. In the next app update, we've updated the layout of the church information screen, which now includes the URL of your website.

Add contact information to your mobile device from the Connect app. In the next iOS app update, you can add an individual's contact information to your mobile device. Go to the individual's profile, tap More, tap Add To Contacts, and then choose to create a new contact or to update an existing contact. This enhancement is coming to Android soon!


Export your fund list to a CSV. If you need a way to deliver specific funds to specific groups of people, you can export your fund list as a CSV and adjust it to show only what you need.

View memos applied to scheduled gifts. When you review scheduled gifts on your Overview dashboard, memos display to show you what a gift is intended for, like an annual pledge, and if the gift is being sent to the right place.

Realm Accounting

Export your financial change log. You can now export your logged financial changes as a CSV.

Record Bank Reconciliation transaction changes. In addition to the other improvements to the change log, we've included Bank Reconciliation transaction changes to the list of logged items. Now, when a transaction is added or removed, it will display in the log.

View unpaid vendor totals within a set date range. If you view a vendor's invoices within a specified date range, the unpaid total reflects what wasn't paid during that period. If you change the period to include the date on which the vendor was paid, the paid total includes that amount again. The Vendor Totals, Aging Summary, and Aging Detail predefined reports reflect this change as well.

Change Log

Realm Accounting permissions are logged. When you make changes to permissions in Realm Accounting, click Change Log to find where they're logged.


Enable or disable permission to add family members. You can now turn on or off the congregants' ability to add family members from their profile in the Community section and in the Connect mobile app. Go to General Settings, and click Family Positions.

Coming Soon

Integrate Constant Contact with Realm. In an upcoming release, you'll be able to sync contact information between Realm and one or more Constant Contact accounts.