July 2, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on July 2, 2021.

Personnel Queries

Find personnel profiles based on the information you track. You can gather a list of certain personnel profiles using the fields on the Clergy, Religious, Minister, or Staff tabs. We added those fields as personnel attributes that you can use in a custom query. Remember, the options you see depend on your denomination and your View permissions.

Custom query showing Personnel options for different denominations

For example, you may want to see a list of all staff who started working this year. You can select Personnel Type, is equal to, and select Staff. Then, click And and add another main attribute of Assignment/Position, is set, with a sub-attribute of Start Date, is this year.
Custom query showing selected options to gather staff with a start date this year

You can filter on as many attributes as needed to gather the list of personnel you want. Note that the SHOW drop-down list automatically selects Personnel for you once you select a personnel attribute. When you're ready, click Show Results to view your list. You can also print a PDF or export a CSV file of the results.

Custom query results showing matching personnel profiles

Remove unneeded values from personnel fields. Some personnel profile fields require a value in order to be valid. For example, an Assignment/Position must have an Assignment/Position Status. Let’s say you don’t use the status “Active (Volunteer)”, so you want to remove it from the list. When you try to remove it, you will now see a message if that status is currently being used on profiles.

The status must be removed from all profiles before you can delete it. You can run a query to find the profiles using the status. Check out Remove Unused Personnel Values for instructions.

Realm Accounting and Payroll

View your chart of accounts in different ways. One audience may read the information on your chart of accounts differently from another. Create views to customize the layout of it. The "Original View", or the way you currently view your chart of accounts, is the default view at first. But, after you create other views, you can assign one of them as the default instead.

Subtotal your chart of accounts' subheadings. Subtotal a subheading to summarize the information that prints on the accounting statement for a particular view. All accounts within that heading will be combined.

Automatically assign a vendor's next invoice number. When you add or edit a vendor, select the option to automatically assign invoice numbers in sequence. If a vendor has a unique sequence of numbers, clear this option to manually add invoice numbers when you enter an invoice for that vendor.

Do more with a vendor when you add a transaction or invoice. Click the more options icon to edit a vendor's information or view their history when you add a transaction or invoice.

Payroll accommodates the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). In March, employers were given an extension to pay sick and family leave through September 30, 2021. As of April 1, 2021, sick and family leave pay is now taxable for the employer for social security through ARPA.

We've updated the wording in Time Entry, an employee's Pay History, and Payroll reports to reflect this update. Any pay associated with COVID-19 is named as such.

Note: If you adjust an employee's totals from before April 1, 2021, sick and family leave for employees will not be taxable per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).


Confirm pledges through system emails. We've added a new system email that you can customize and send to individuals to confirm their online pledges. This email includes the pledge period for the campaign, the pledge's frequency, and the total amount pledged.


We removed confirmation emails for past events. Now when someone registers for a past event or is marked as attending an event after it has ended, an email is not sent out to them to confirm registration.


Need to know if someone has logged into their Realm account? On the New People dashboard, you'll see a new column for those who have logged in.

iOS Connect App

View multiple phone numbers and emails. In the next iOS app update, if an individual has entered more than one phone number or email address, these now display on the person's profile. This enhancement is coming for Android soon! 

View more information about your pledges. In the next iOS app update, you can now view detailed information about current and past pledges. This enhancement is coming for Android soon! 

Get a better view of the directory on an iPad. We've improved the layout of the directory when you view it on an iPad.

Get easier access to group search. You can now tap the search icon in the top right corner to search for groups.