January 27, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on January 27, 2021.

Giving Statements

Print non-cash gift amounts. Only non-cash gifts you enter after this release will print amounts on your giving statement. If you want to print these amounts for 2020, edit the non-cash gifts you received last year and save.


Void a pending refunding. The online gift must be pending for a minimum of 10 days before you can void.

Endorse checks. When you scan your contributors' checks, you can print your endorsement on each check directly from your scanner. If a check is re-scanned, it will not be endorsed a second time.

Users With Responsibilities

"Staff Users" is now "Users With Responsibilities". We updated a few more places where the term "staff" was used, like on the Overview Dashboard and Change Log. Now, we use the phrase "users with responsibilities" to describe those who have been given permission to certain areas of Realm. This helps you differentiate between staff profiles and users who have a login.

Online Directory

Find people more quickly. We added a new search bar in the directory. Use this to find specific people without having to scroll through the directory alphabetically. We also updated the universal search that's located next to your profile name. Now when you search for people there you can select more results to load additional names you may be searching for.


Receive an email when you're added to a public group roster. This email lets you know what group you've been added to and includes a link to the group in Realm.