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January 13, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on January 13, 2021.

Personnel Profiles

Add new personnel profiles directly. Instead of marking existing profiles, you can now add new personnel profiles directly in the All Profiles section.screenshot showing the Add New Profiles modal with the "Personnel" option selected as the Profile Type

Enter Position Title when adding personnel profiles. Once you select a personnel type and role/department, you can enter the person's Position Title. This is the title that displays under the person's name throughout Realm.

Change a personnel's type or remove someone from personnel. If you select the wrong type while adding personnel or a personnel is promoted, you can change the personnel type on their profile. Likewise, if an individual is marked as personnel by mistake or the individual should no longer be listed as personnel, you can remove the personnel data from their profile.

More features are on the way! In future releases, we will provide predefined reports that contain personnel-specific information, query parameters that enable you to search on personnel data, and a way to move existing personnel data into the new fields. Our mobile apps will also reflect the new personnel features.

Keep an eye out for additional releases this year! Until then, check out the related articles below to get started with personnel profiles.

Personalized Terminology

Familiar terms for the Catholic denomination. We recognize that different denominations do ministry differently, starting with the terms you use. Catholic churches and offices may notice more familiar terms used throughout Realm and the Realm Connect apps. We updated several terms to better serve Catholic needs, such as "parish" instead of "church", "parishioner" instead of "member", "talents" instead of "skills", and more.

We'll continue to look for more ways to improve terminology, and we appreciate your feedback in Realm Ideas for Ministry.

Registration Events

Make online payments on behalf of registrants. Administrators and users with the process online event payments permission can now make an online payment for a registration event on behalf of a registrant. Information about the payment and who processed it displays on the Event Payment Distribution report.

New registration cancellation statuses. When you cancel your event registration, you'll see your payment status as nothing due, refund needed, or refund issued. Nothing due means nothing is owed to you after canceling the registration. Refund needed means you are in the process of receiving a refund for your registration payment. Refund issued means you have received a refund of your registration payment.  

Accounting Reports

Customize columns for your statements. Before you run your statement of activities or statement of financial position, select the custom column to include only the dates you want to report on. These dates do not have to follow a particular period.

Also, customize your header description. This custom header will define the information you see. It is particularly useful if you set a custom date range and need to describe it.

In the example, if you customize the Budget Remaining column to say 2020 Budget Remainder, the latter will display as the header on your statement.

screenshot highlighting the "Customize Column Header" option on the Statement of Activities' "Budget Remaining" column


See when a pledge was created. On the Pledges Dashboard, when you click the number of total pledges, we added the date a pledge was created. The dates also display on the report. With this update, you can quickly verify that a pledge was added correctly.

Create queries for nondeductible gifts. Use the nondeductible sub-attribute to report on nondeductible gifts separately, or locate the contributors who have given them.

screenshot showing a custom query for giving amount totals with the nondeductible sub-attribute set to "is yes"


View the number of notes and attachments on profiles. Now when checking profiles, administrators and users with responsibilities can see how many notes and attachments exist for a person without opening a tab.


Attendance profile marking sheets and roster reports have new options. Individuals can include allergy and birthday information on these reports. We've also added the ability to show parent contact information for children listed on these reports. Group leaders can see this information during check-in and on printed reports. The marking sheet is accessible through the Predefined Reports, Groups, and Attendance Profiles areas.

Filter attendance reports. You can use a previously saved query to filter your attendance reports.