February 24, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on February 24, 2021.

Personnel Report

Print a detailed list of personnel assignments/positions. In the last release, we provided a way to print personnel information on profile reports. Now, we're introducing a new report that lists current and past assignments/positions for all personnel in your church.

Go to Reporting > Predefined Reports. Depending on your denomination, you may see the report name as Personnel Assignments/Positions or Personnel Positions. You must have permission to view the personnel type (Clergy, Religious, Minister, or Staff) that you want to print information for.


Learn more about your recurring event. You can view how often an event recurs—weekly, biweekly, monthly—and the time frame of the event in the Event Details section of your registration confirmation email.

The option to send an email when you post events to the newsfeed.​ This feature is for users with staff permissions. When you create a group or registration event you can choose to send an email to registrants and group members. For new events, the email option is selected by default. If you deselect the checkbox, this allows you to post the event to the newsfeed without sending an email. When you edit an event that is already posted on the newsfeed, you also have the option to send an email. This is releasing for Group Leaders next time!


Update made to the group participant email. New participants who are added to a group through the Realm Connect app or when added using Realm on a desktop interface will not receive an email. Last release we updated this feature so that new participants were emailed when added through the app and on a desktop. After receiving your feedback on this update, we completely removed this automated email. More updates are coming soon as we continue to look for solutions.


Additional roles can print the chart of accounts. If you've been assigned to an Accounting Oversight or General Ledger Specialist role, in addition to viewing the chart of accounts, you can now print it as well.

No more accidental advances in recurring transactions. When you edit a recurring transaction, the date only advances to the next one if recurrence details have changed or no occurrences have happened.