February 10, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on February 10, 2021.

Privacy and Group/Event Visibility

Wording clarification around "staff" privacy and visibility. We're continuing to help you differentiate staff profiles from users who have a login. The profile privacy, group visibility, and event visibility options were using the term "staff". However, Realm users (whether they are part of your staff or not) must have a specific permission set to Allow in order to view that information.

So, we changed the wording for those options to say "users with permission" to indicate that a specific permission must be set.

  • Now, it is clearer that profile information is visible to not only church staff, but also any users who have a responsibility with the permission View Details for Individuals .
  • When you add or edit a group, you can set the visibility to only show the group to users with the permission Add Group.
  • When you add or edit an event, you can set the visibility to only show the event to users with the permission Manage Events.

Profile Reports

Profile reports now include personnel information. Select whether to include personnel assignments/positions, religious order or ministerial status, ordination status, and additional information. You must have permission to view profiles as well as the personnel type of the individual you're printing.
Profile Report Settings with Personnel option selected and Profile Report preview showing personnel assignments, ministerial status, and ordination status information


Generate a recurring transaction or invoice while you edit. When you click Save & Generate, you can immediately add an open transaction to your general ledger or an unpaid invoice to your invoices. This saves you from needing to find the transaction or invoice in the list again and generating from there. If you cancel, the information you edited will still be saved.

Save the date! The date range you use to filter which transactions or invoices you see will be saved if you switch between open and posted transactions or unpaid and paid invoices.

Show all project transactions. Your project transaction totals now display all types of transactions, not just income and expenses.

Enter Oregon's transit tax in box 14 of your W-2. Edit the transit tax in Payroll's Settings, and select Box 14 - Other when you enter the details associated with it.