August 25, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on August 25, 2021.

Constant Contact Integration

Link your Constant Contact accounts with Realm. On Admin > Manage Realm Account > Additional Features you can link one or more Constant Contact accounts. If you don’t already have a Constant Contact account, you can create a new one. 

Enable a daily sync between Realm and Constant Contact. To ensure that your Constant Contact information is always up to date with what’s new in Realm, you can enable a daily sync for each of the accounts you’ve linked. 

Assign user permissions. By default, all administrators have permissions to sync information with Constant Contact. You can grant permissions to additional non-administrator users for each linked account if needed. 

Add, replace, or create new Constant Contact lists from Realm. You can add to an existing list, replace an existing list or create a new list from these areas of Realm: 

  • Groups

  • Teams

  • Pathways

  • Custom Queries

  • Dashboards 

Coming Soon! In a future update, you will be able to email giving statements through Constant Contact.


See when a scheduled gift was added. We've included a column on the Overview dashboard that shows when a scheduled gift was added and who added it. If a contributor added a scheduled gift before June 15, 2021, the date will not show.

See how a pledge was added. We've also included a Source column to your list of campaign pledges in the Giving section as well as the Pledges dashboard. This column displays how a pledge was entered. Pledges added before May 31, 2021 will not display a source.

Monitor new pledges as they come in. When a contributor adds a new pledge, you are notified on the task page for up to 14 days. The notifications are separated by campaign, and the number of pledges will increase as they're entered. When you click the task, you open the Pledges dashboard to see more details about each new pledge.

Realm Status Page

See real-time service availability, including incidents and outages. Like any software provider, we occasionally have service interruptions. As your ministry partner, we want to be transparent about any issues. Now, you can see if things are up and running or if we've encountered an incident or outage. Our new page shows the status of Realm and Realm Accounting.
  • When our solutions are working as intended, you'll see "Realm is up and running!"
  • If there's a reported incident, you'll see which products are affected, such as "Accounting is slow."
  • If our solutions are not available, you'll see a message like, "Realm is down, but we're on it!"

Our support team will include any other helpful information on this page to keep you in the loop. View the status page in your Internet browser anytime, day or night, at

If you experience an issue, use this page to identify if it's wide-spread and has already been reported to our team. Our goal is always to get you back up and running as soon as possible, whatever the cause. If your issue is not indicated on the status page, contact us at 1-800-669-2509 (option 1).