April 7, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on April 7, 2021.

Volunteer Recruitment and Discovering Volunteer Opportunities

Discover volunteer opportunities on the Serving page. Volunteers can now view all public volunteer opportunities on the new Opportunities tab of the Serving page. You can browse opportunities by role or by team, and use the match scores to see which opportunities best fit your skills and interests.

Express interest in volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can express their interest and send a role request to volunteer for opportunities from the Opportunities tab or from a recruitment post on the Newsfeed. 

Manage role requests for a team. All users with permissions can view and manage role requests from the team's info page. You can accept or dismiss the request or place the volunteer on a pathway if training is required for that role.

Recruit volunteers from the Newsfeed. All users with permissions can now create a post on the Newsfeed to recruit for volunteer opportunities. 

Feature volunteer opportunities. All users with permissions can highlight up to five volunteer opportunities on the Serving page where volunteers will see them at the top of the Browse by Roles list.

Make teams and roles private. If there's a team or role that you don't want volunteers to view and express interest in, administrators and users with permissions can now set a team or role as private.

iOS and Android Connect App

Discover and express interest in volunteer opportunities. In the next app update, volunteers can find and express interest in volunteer opportunities from recruitment posts on the Newsfeed and from the Serving section of the app.

Giving Numbers

Reassign giving numbers. If many congregants require giving numbers, reassign them all at once in the Giving Numbers tab of Giving Settings. Set your starting number, and enter the range of numbers you want to exclude.

Print a reassignment report. When you run your reassignment, a CSV is automatically printed for you to review to make sure all of your pending numbers are correct.

Note: If you refer to giving numbers by a different name and have made changes to reflect it, that name will replace "Giving Numbers" everywhere. For more information on how to customize this, see Customize Existing Profile Fields.

Registration Events

Search for upcoming and past events. This new search allows you to minimize the time it takes to find an event. Switch between past and upcoming events with the same search filter in place, or remove the filter to expand your search. From this page, you can also print the registration event list in pdf or csv format.

Need to view all of your registrants? After hearing your feedback we updated the View all registrants option. Now when you are on an individual's registration page, you'll see the Back to Registrants option in the header, right next to the event name. For easier navigation, this option takes you directly to the event's Registrants tab.

Custom Query

Name a list (csv) export when you save it. This applies to the individual, family, and household list options, including the contributor view. Without a custom name, the list saves as the default.

Email Communication

Blind carbon copy yourself and others to emails. The bcc feature allows you, the sender, to silently copy administrators and users with permissions on an outgoing email. This means email addresses you list in the Bcc field are concealed from other bcc recipients and primary recipients listed in the To field. Additionally, bcc'd recipients receive a single copy of the email and will not receive any email replies.


Access privacy information in Realm. Understanding privacy can be tricky. Because of this, we've made it easier to locate privacy documentation so you can better understand, manage, and protect the privacy of your congregants.

Here's what you need to know:

  • You'll see the information icon icon on the Add New Profiles screen next to Opt in to Online Directory; on the Overview Dashboards page next to New People (added in the last 30 days); on all individual profiles.

  • Administrators can access information about privacy when making a mass change in Realm.

Volunteer Management for VBS

Set up volunteer teams and roles for VBS. Download this PDF guide to learn more about how to get started with volunteer scheduling by creating teams and roles for your VBS events.