April 21, 2021

View enhancements and corrections released on April 21, 2021.


Create pathway labels. From the Steps tab, select a pathway step and print Step Roster Labels for individuals on a step. From the People tab, select a pathway and print Pathway Roster Labels for individuals in a pathway. You can print labels by postal code or in alphabetical order.


Recess email notifications. When a group is placed in recess, members of the group receive an email five days before the recess period begins. Another email is sent out to members five days before the recess period ends. Before an individual places a group in recess, they are notified in Realm the group members receive two recess email notifications.


See who ran the previous giving number reassignment. When an administrator runs a reassignment, his or her name is listed within your giving number settings.

See when congregants edit recurring gifts. On a contributor's giving history page, a message displays with a recurring gift if they edited it. Click that information to view more of the gift's details, including what changed. The contributor will not see this.

Giving Reports

Print a deposit slip. When you review your posted batches, you can print deposit slips for either all batches and the gifts within them or for just the gifts within a single batch. This deposit slip includes each contributor's giving number, form of payment, check or reference number, and amount.

Organize your gift list. Select whether you want to sort your gift list report by ascending or descending from your posted batches.

Use a custom query with your giving number report. Set up a custom query that only lists the congregants you want to include on your giving number report. This is a quick way to double check who has a number and what it is, particularly when an envelope isn't used for a contribution.

Predefined reports now include addresses. If you need an additional way to track your contributors' contact information, include and print their addresses on any of the predefined reports on the Giving tab. For example, you can use the addresses to quickly identify duplicates or send thank you letters.