September 9, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on September 9, 2020.

Volunteer Management - Marking Attendance

The newest milestone for volunteer management allows you to mark attendance for volunteers and allow them to check in from attendance kiosks. 

Enable attendance with metrics for each serving team. When you turn on attendance for a serving team, you can customize the metrics that define low volunteer participation for each team.

Mark attendance and manage volunteers for each serving opportunity. You can mark attendance for volunteers based on the scheduled assignments for each serving opportunity. You can also add or remove a volunteer from the attendance page if needed.

Print attendance marking sheets. If you prefer to mark attendance by hand first, you can print marking sheets for serving opportunities. You can customize the serving opportunity dates, events and roles each marking sheet contains.

View volunteers with low participation. If a volunteer meets the metric that you set for low participation, you will see this on the team’s roster page and when you go to add that individual to a schedule. On the roster page, you can also view more information about why a volunteer has low participation.

Run a volunteer participation report. If you want more information about a team’s overall participation, you can run a participation report from the team’s roster page in PDF or CSV format.

Enable volunteer Check-in for attendance. You can enable the option for volunteers to check themselves in to a serving opportunity using an event or group kiosk. The volunteer will also be able to check into any events they’re attending as well as check in members of their family all on one screen.

iOS and Android Connect App

Resources for registration events. The next app update will add a Resources tab to registration events details. When you register for an event, you can now view attachments on this tab and download the files to your mobile device.

Realm Accounting

Print a summary of your restricted net assets. In Predefined Reports, print your temporarily or permanently restricted assets for a specific time period from your balance sheet. This includes beginning and ending balances as well as any income and expense activity.

Submit a new application for a 941 PIN. If there are any errors in your initial 941 PIN application, you can clear each field to make corrections and resubmit.

Giving - Gift List Report

Export a gift list as a CSV. In this format, you can filter the types of gifts you receive. For example, if you want to view a list of only your contributors' mobile gifts, you can filter those specific gifts with a CSV. Export this gift list from your batches.


New meeting options for group and RSVP events. Now when you choose a location for your event, you can select Physical location, Online location, or both! If you create a group event, people who are a part of your group can see the location details from their newsfeed.

A new look for registration event emails. We updated the Who's coming and Event details sections of registration confirmation emails. We also added an area for online meeting links and passwords in the Event details section. People are able to see the event details once they register.


Updated wording for deleting groups. When you delete a group, you also permanently remove group profile history. This means the group no longer shows on profiles as a current or past group. If you need to remove a group without deleting its history, choose to deactivate it.