October 21, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on October 21, 2020.

Announcing Realm Streaming

ACS Technologies is now offering a robust streaming solution to existing and new Realm clients. To request a demo or subscribe to streaming services, contact a sales representative at 1-844-467-3256.

Tax Forms

Form 941 accommodates Social Security tax deferral. The IRS made updates to Form 941, effective October 1, 2020. This release reflects the following changes:

  • ​Line 13b includes the total of the employee's Social Security tax deferral amount. ​
  • Line 24 includes only the employee's Social Security tax deferral.​
  • ​Line 25 has been removed.​
  • ​Nonrefundable credit is subtracted from the total tax liability amount.

For more information, refer to the official IRS website.

Accounting Reports

Omit account codes and cents from financial reports. They are selected by default, but you can clear the check box beside each option to remove them from the following reports:

  • Statement of Activities
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Summary of Restricted Net Assets
  • Trial Balance

Omitting codes will only show the name of each account on the report. Omitting cents will round each total up if the number of cents is $0.50 or above.

Set headings as subtotal headings. In your chart of accounts, you have the option to set headings as subtotal headings so that you have more control over the account detail on your financial statements. For example, your financial team may require more information on a report than your congregation.

Show accounts that have not been used. On your General Ledger Summary and General Ledger Detail reports, you have the option to include accounts with no activity. These are accounts that had previous activity but may have been unused during other reporting periods. They still have a balance, and if you select this option, they would be included for reporting periods where they weren't used.

Pledge Statements

Copy and create new pledge statements. If you need to generate a pledge statement similar to one you already have, copy it and generate a new one with the same settings.

Show and tell. Add a logo to each pledge statement and images to each cover letter. These visuals show contributors where the statement is coming from and what it's for.

Upload your signature. Conclude each cover letter with an image of your own, hand-written signature.

Personalize your email. When you email pledge statements to contributors, you can customize the email with a meaningful message.


Describe your pathway. An administrator or user with the Manage Pathways permission can add or edit pathway descriptions. When you create a new pathway, there's a section where you can Give a short description of this pathway so pathway leaders know what it represents.

Deactivate pathways. When you deactivate a pathway, it becomes Inactive and participants will view it as a "Past Pathway". All Current Participants become Past Participants. After the pathway is deactivated, you can still access the overview and step information. You can also Reactivate a deactivated pathway if necessary.