November 4, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on November 4, 2020.


Add resources to pathways. Individuals with the Manage Pathways permission can add resources to pathways. You can attach files that are necessary for completing steps and include notes in the resource. You also have the option to add resources to an entire pathway or individual steps.


Updated group attendance percentage. Attendance percentage shows up on the group's Participant tab. If someone changes positions in a group, such as member to leader or guest to member, their attendance percentage will not start over. Instead, attendance percentage will remain as it was before the position change, reflecting the overall attendance history of that person.

See the age/birthday of children. On your group's Participant tab, the Age/Birthday shows for someone whose profile has the family position of "child". However, the Age/Birthday does not show for individuals with other family positions.

Group Events

Disable automated group emails. When an event is updated, you have the option to send an email to alert group participants of any changes.

Custom Query

Updated column display in queries. With the option of only export columns displayed in query results checked, first and last names are listed in separate columns.


New profile options for family members. When you add a profile for a new family member, you can see the primary address used in the first profile. This address copies over to the new profile so you save time adding contact information. However, you can use a different address by erasing the copied address. You can also include a phone number for the new profile, different from the one used in the first profile.