November 18, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on November 18, 2020.

Accounting Reports

Print a blank column on your Statement of Activities. Use the blank column to propose your budget for the following year after comparing your budgeted and actual amounts for the current year.

What's the difference? Add a column to your Statement of Activities that shows the difference of your budgeted and actual amounts for the current year. This column can display dollar amounts or percentages.

We've added columns to the Statement of Financial Position report. Use the new columns to compare your balance for specific periods or an entire year to the previous year.

Realm Accounting

Find the correct core account. When you search for the appropriate core account to use, you can see its full description to shorten the hunt for accounts with similar names.

See your checking account balance. When you perform tasks in Realm Accounting that require it, your checking account balance is now bold and more clearly visible.

Identify vendors with the same name. We've added vendor account numbers as well as their default expense accounts to your list of vendors and its report.


Date last attended added to roster reports. You can run a predefined report of specific group events to see the date individuals last attended. You can run a report for all groups or for a single group with multiple events selected at once.

New participant list options. With the correct permissions, you can select what information shows for participants when creating or editing a group. Update the list to show when someone joined the group, their last login, their age/birthday, and the date they last attended an event.