May 6, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on May 6, 2020.

Text Giving

Apply text giving to your giving forms. When you add or edit an online giving form, you can apply a text giving keyword to it! This keyword will direct your contributors to the form, where they will select funds and give.

Your reserved text giving keyword has relocated. Find it on the Online Giving tab of the Giving Settings page. Text giving functionality is still intact for your contributors. They will still text this keyword, followed by the keyword of the giving form and the dollar amount they want to give to number 73256.


E-file your tax forms. Set up a free account with our trusted partner Nelco. Only pay when you choose how to e-file, and submit your tax forms to the IRS without leaving your chair.

Click E-File to review and submit your 1099, W-2, 941, 1095-B, or 1094-C forms electronically. Pick and choose the forms you need to submit this way.

Already have a Nelco account? That's great! Use your existing Nelco credentials to e-file with Realm. Enter your information when you set up, and you're ready to begin!

Realm Accounting

Send ACH files to the bank in advance. When you create ACH files for payroll, the pay date is now used as the effective entry date instead of the date the file is created. Create and send the file to the bank in advance with the correct date in the event of a holiday or planned vacation.

Enter FFCRA balances in more places. Click Adjust Totals on an applicable employee's Pay History tab to enter separate totals for the FFCRA.


Copy marriage information for the spouse. When entering a marriage record, you can copy the common information over to the spouse's marriage record without having to enter it twice!

Start with either spouse, and enter the relevant data. For the spouse's name field, select a spouse from your database. Then, select Copy record data to the selected profile above to copy the date, church/parish, spouse's name, verified, volume, page, entry, sponsors/witnesses, and officiant/clergy information. Any information specific to the individual is not copied over.

For example, let's say you enter marriage information for James Aaron. You select his wife, Amy, as his spouse. Once you save James' record and go to Amy's, you'll see the same marriage information you entered, as well as James as her spouse.

Example showing James' profile with the marriage data entered, and Amy's profile showing the copied marriage data

If you ever need to change any of this information for either spouse, you can select the copy option again and it will be updated on the other spouse's record.

If a marriage record already exists for the spouse and:

  • you allow multiple instances of marriage records, then a new record will be added without affecting the old one.
  • you do not allow multiple instances, then the record will be overwritten with the new data.

Mark Full Maiden Name as not applicable. In our last release, we added Full Maiden Name. If you have a profile where that field is not applicable, just select Not applicable under that field. It will then be removed from the profile. We updated the profile report and other processes to reflect these changes as well.

Ordinance Certificates

Baptism and Marriage certificates are here! We promised they were coming, and now they're available for protestant denominations. See Print Certificates and Notification Letters for steps on printing certificates. Make sure to set up ordinances first, if needed.

Registration Events

There's a new layout when printing. We added a Select All option when printing Custom Questions and Additional Items reports. By default, all check boxes for these reports are selected. Now, with the Select All option you can quickly deselect all check boxes at once. Or, you can choose to deselect one item from the list while the other items remain selected.