May 20, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on May 20, 2020.

Sacrament/Ordinance Certificates

Customize the wording used on certificates. If you have certificate printing enabled for a sacrament/ordinance, you can customize certain wording to fit your needs. This is especially helpful if you have a Hispanic congregation that may prefer certificates in Spanish. In the settings for each sacrament/ordinance, next to the Certificate option, click Customize Wording. You can change any wording within the gray outline.

Images of the new Customize Wording screen for sacrament and ordinance certificates

Make sure the wording you enter is grammatically accurate and makes sense on the certificate as a whole.

The default wording on certificates uses the sacrament/ordinance name itself. But remember, you can change that name in the settings. Take the Certificate of Baptism, for example. If you've customized the certificate wording, then you decide to change "Baptism" to "Infant Baptism" in your settings, you'll see a message reminding you to ensure the certificate wording still makes sense.


Track medical and wage benefits for employees who are injured or become sick on the job. Set up workers' compensation, and apply it to appropriate jobs.

Create a workers' compensation report. Print a report of wages, tax amounts, and any employees paid from associated jobs.

Tax Forms

Print a vendor totals list as you review 1099s. While you view your vendor list, print this report to ensure all 1099 vendors display, and compare amounts to the total amount paid.


New features added to inactive profiles. All profiles marked as inactive show the Last attended date and Added by information. Before, this information was only included on active profiles. Now, you can easily sift through inactive records to find this information without having to reactivate profiles.

Registration Events

New registration options. Did someone show up to your event without registering ahead of time? No worries! You can add them to your event after it has ended. A staff member with registration rights can do this from the Info tab of an event page. When you select a past event, you'll see the option to Register Someone. This takes you to the event registration page where you can Add a Registrant.

Daily email notifications. Have you ever been an event contact for a registration event? If so, this one's for you! When someone sets up a registration event and marks you as the event contact, you'll receive a daily email with registration updates. This includes a list of new, canceled, and total registrants so you can better plan for the event. On days when there are no registration updates, you won't receive an email. You can also opt-out of these emails if you don't want to be notified. Just contact the person who marked you as the event contact or your office.