March 25, 2020

Realm release notes for March 25, 2020.


Customize the name of each sacrament/ordinance. You may have already changed the name of the Sacraments tab to better fit your church's terminology, and now you can customize each sacrament name. When you edit sacrament settings, just enter the term you want, and it will display throughout Realm. Check out the video for details.

Increased sponsor limit. For the Catholic option, we increased the limit of sponsors/witnesses you can add for each sacrament to 20. Note, however, that certificates only print:
  • the first sponsor listed for Confirmation

  • the first two sponsors listed for Baptism

  • the first two witnesses listed for Marriage

Reorder sponsor names. You are now able to drag-and-drop sponsor/witness names on a record as well. This way, you can reorder them to ensure the correct ones print on certificates.

Merge Families

Reunite family members after merging. Sometimes, family members are disconnected from the family structure of the person you merged. When this happens, you can either merge the family members (if they have duplicate records) or reunite them using one of the Life Change processes. We added a helpful modal to assist with this process.

Modal window showing possible family members that may need to be merged or reunited


Export vendors and employees to a CSV file. Need a list of names and addresses of your vendors and employees? Export these lists for filing purposes! Use them with the mail merge feature of your preferred spreadsheet software, and create labels for folders to keep everyone organized.


Apply more than just liability accounts to your deductions. If you pay benevolence to an employee or an advance that needs to be paid back, apply either an expense account or a receivable account, respectively, to the deduction. These now display as credit accounts when you set up adjustments.

Registration Events

Registrants must select a registration type. When entering information for a staff or public registration, the staff member or registrant must now choose a registration type. This helps make it more clear to registrants that they can select from different registration types. The default registration type is no longer automatically selected, but is still listed at the top of the drop-down menu. 

Custom question list choices display in order. When you create a list type custom question for a registration event, the choices now display in the order you entered them. 


Copy a note to an individual’s family. When you create a new note or private note for an individual, you can now copy that note to the entire family, or just select people in the family.


Add a note from a custom query. After running a custom query, you can now select Add Note or Add Private Note from the Select an Action drop-down menu. This adds a note to the profiles you’ve selected in the custom query results. Profiles you can add notes to include: active, inactive, deceased, businesses, church and organizations.