March 11, 2020


A new look and feel. We updated custom queries to make them easier to understand. Now, you'll see main attributes and sub-attributes. Main attributes are what you're used to selecting in queries—the top-level piece of information you're searching on. Then, if there are fields related to that attribute, you can select a sub-attribute to narrow your results even further.

custom query showing main attribute of Address with sub-attribute of Address Type

To search on an attribute that works in conjunction with the previous one, select And. Now, it stacks so you visually see that this is a different attribute that can have its own sub-attributes.

To search on an attribute that isn't tied to the previous one, select Or. You'll see a new section, which helps visually separate your previous selections from the current one.

custom query showing attributes joined by the And operator and another attribute separated by the Or operator

You'll see these changes in the report editor and in the Advanced Filters of some predefined reports. Just click New Custom Query.

Baptismal Name for Catholic sacraments. If you selected the "Catholic" option for sacraments, you can now select Baptismal Name as a sub-attribute of Baptism. One use for this would be if you're looking for all baptism records where baptismal names are not filled in.

custom query showing Baptismal Name sub-attribute

Volume, Page, Entry for all sacraments. For Catholic and Protestant sacraments, we added the sub-attribute "Volume, Page, Entry" for all sacraments. Mostly, you'll want to search whether those are blank so you can fill in missing information. If you search using "is equal to", make sure to follow the format "NUMBER comma NUMBER comma NUMBER".

custom query showing Volume, Page, Entry sub-attribute


Change your calendar year to a fiscal year (and vice versa). If your administrative committee agrees to adhere to a fiscal year when tracking your financials, you can edit the month your financial year begins in Accounting Settings to reflect the changes.


See more information about family members. Staff can now see more information about an individual's family on the profile page. This includes the family member's full name, family position and whether the family member is inactive.