June 3, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on June 3, 2020.

Ordinance Certificates

Include a signature date. Select whether to print a signature date on baptism and marriage certificates. It defaults to the ceremony date listed on the ordinance record, but you can change it if the certificate will be signed on a different day. You can also clear the date field to print a blank line on the certificate.

Images showing Print Certificate Settings with optional field called Signature Date, and Certificate of Baptism with Signature Date included

Note that signature date is included by default on sacrament certificates.

Beginning Balances

We've updated how beginning balances post. When you lock balances, they now post to the last day of the previous month instead of the first day of the selected month. This prevents overstating on your financial reports and presents accurate totals at the end of each month.

Printing Rosters

Printing rosters for Check-In just became more convenient! We added a new print icon with options to print a Roster or Check-In report. To use this new feature, you'll need Check-In Dashboard permissions. When you select to print a Roster, you'll see the Group filter. This allows you to choose to print a roster for any group.

Pathway Reports

We added a CSV option when you print a pathway report. This allows you to quickly export pathway step information and notes to a CSV file, in case you want to evaluate or organize pathway data.