June 17, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on June 17, 2020.

MinistrySmart Community

Announcing the new MinistrySmart Community. Finally, a forum where you can ask questions and get real world answers from other Realm users. Discuss ministry challenges and solutions, tips, or best practices for using Realm. We're looking for a few champions to engage, collaborate, and share great ideas with each other as part of our pilot program. To join the pilot team, visit the MinistrySmart Community at https://community.ministrysmart.com, and click Request an Account. We look forward to hearing from you!

Realm Accounting

Export project details. When you're ready to print, you now have the option to export project details as a CSV file to further analyze their transactions.

Apply 1099 boxes to liability accounts. While you set up your core accounts as other current or long-term liabilities, select a 1099 box if you use that account to pay your 1099 vendors.


Preferred Phone displays when guests check-in. You can make this option a requirement for check-in, or turn it on/off in the Information to Collect at Sign-Up section when editing a kiosk. Preferred Phone only shows up when you launch a kiosk in Check-In & Sign-Up Mode and Assisted Check-In & Dashboard Mode since these modes are for adding guests.

Registration Events

New options display when you create custom questions. This is only available to administrators and staff with Registration Events permissions. When Link to profile field is selected as the Type, you'll see Address, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, and Primary Email have been added to the list of Profile Field options.

Coming Soon

Integrate pledges with your general ledger. Set up separate general ledger accounts for your prepledge, postpledge, and nonpledge gifts to post to.

Your feedback counts! Soon, you'll see a new face on the Realm Enhancement Community. We're rolling out a more robust solution for collecting and organizing your feedback and feature requests. Stay tuned for updates!