July 29, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on July 29, 2020.

Guest Partial Payments for Registration Events

Allow guests to make partial payments for paid registration events. You can now allow guests who don’t have a Realm login to register for an online paid registration event without having to pay the full cost up front. In the Payment Settings section of the registration event, toggle partial payments on and select all registrations. 

Guests receive a registration confirmation email that provides information about the registration including how much they paid at the time of registration and the remaining balance. Clicking a link in the email takes them to a page where they can make an additional payment. 

What if the guest loses the confirmation email? An administrator can resend the confirmation email from the event’s Registrants page at any time. 

Turn Comments On or Off

Turn comments on or off for group events. When you create a group event, the Don't share on Newsfeed option is selected and comments are not allowed by default. Enable this option to share a group event on your Newsfeed with comments turned on. You can edit the event at any time and deselect Allow Comments. If you do this for an event that people have already commented on, those comments become hidden. The Discussion section of an event also becomes hidden when Don't share on Newsfeed is selected and comments are turned off.

Turn comments on or off for Newsfeed content. You'll see an allow comments option when you make a post, add a photo or create an RSVP event for groups or serving teams.

Connect App for iOS and Android

Turn replies off for group and serving team Newsfeed content. In the upcoming app release, when you add or edit a Newsfeed post, photo or RSVP event, you will be able to choose to turn replies off.  

Registration Events

Control what events display on the event list. When you create a registration event, you can now choose to share it on the Newsfeed. If you select Don't share on Newsfeed, you can publish the event at a later time. However, once you share to the Newsfeed, you're can't unshare.


Filter your check or reference numbers. If you know the check or reference number of the gift you are searching for, enter it while filtering your batches. Any batches containing the number you enter will display. For example, if you enter the number 12, you will also see the check or reference number of 120.

Select all processed online giving batches. If you need to print a gift list or fund distribution report of most or all of your processed online batches, select them all at once. Then, clear the check box of any batch you do not need to print.

Account Segments

Add notes to your accounts. Use these notes to explain how your core accounts are used, especially if their purposes change over time.

Custom Query

What's a household list? We've updated the description for Household List so you know exactly what is exporting when you select this option. If you choose the Household List format, now you'll know this lists each person in a household if all of the names can be compiled to one list. Otherwise, only the primary household names are listed.