July 15, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on July 15, 2020.

Form 941

Form 941 has been updated. Print and e-file Form 941 with wages paid to employees for the second quarter per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Operate under a trade name? If your tax ID is registered with a name that's different from the one you operate under, include your trade name on your 941.

Giving Statements

Print giving statements on both sides of your paper. Also known as duplex printing, you can print contribution and pledge statements on the front and back of your paper to save resources and envelope space.

Direct Deposit

Specify your Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI). When you set up a bank account for direct deposit, you can select one of the following numbers to use per the bank's request:

  • Immediate Origin #
  • Immediate Destination #
  • Routing #

The number will automatically display for you to review once you make your selection.

Bank Reconciliation

Edit statement and balance information on the Reconciliation page. As you reconcile, you now have quick access to adjust the beginning and ending dates on your bank statement as well as its balances.

Event Registration

Updated registration messages. When you are unable to register for an event, you'll receive a warning message telling you exactly why. These messages let you know if registration is full, over, or hasn't begun. If registration hasn't begun, a date is provided so you know when it's available. If registration is over, you'll see when it ended.  

Add an event to your personal calendar. In a registration confirmation email, there is a new link that says Add Event to your Calendar. When you click the link an event file downloads for you to open. Upon opening the file, your calendar shows you a new event is added and you choose which calendar you want to use for this event.

Custom Query

New option in the Family Directory. On the Family Directory: Settings page, you'll see "Refer To" profiles under Options selected by default. When selected, "refer to" references show up for people who are in multiple families, and their profile is listed alphabetically in the directory. When cleared, the references are removed from the directory, and families are listed together.