July 1, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on July 1, 2020.

Registration Events Integration with Realm Accounting

Enable the integration. If you have Realm Accounting, you can now enable online registration event payments to post to your general ledger.

Enter general ledger codes. When you create an event, you will see one of two options:
  • If you create an event and have the appropriate accounting permissions, you can enter the accounting information for that event.
  • If you create an event but don’t have accounting permissions, you can optionally enter an account code or fund department if you know it. Once the event is created, an accounting administrator will receive a notification and must enter the accounting information for that event.

Where do deposits show up? When you integrate, online deposits for your registration events will automatically display with an “Events” label on the Posted tab of your transactions.

Additionally, events that receive online payments will display on the new Paid Events page in Realm Accounting.

What if I don’t integrate? If you choose not to integrate or do not have Realm Accounting, the event creator can still enter accounting information during event creation. While this won’t post funds to the general ledger, this information will display on the Event Payment Distribution report.

Online Batch Report for paid registration events. This new report displays a list of Vanco batches that include online payments for registration events and provides general ledger information for each event. This is available if you have integrated Realm Accounting with registration events or if you manually enter the event's accounting information.

Giving Funds

Giving funds have a new home! We've moved fund setup outside of Giving Settings. It now has its very own page in the Giving section of Realm to make room for new posting options.

Integrate pledges with your general ledger. When you set up your giving funds, click the Associated Accounts tab to enter separate general ledger accounts for your nonpledge, prepledge, and postpledge gifts to post to. Or, you can apply all gifts to a single primary account.

Online Giving

Have a little help with ACH gifts. When your contributors give online via ACH, they'll see a graphic to help them determine where they can locate their routing and account numbers.

Realm Accounting

Print full core account descriptions. When you print or export a general ledger summary or detail report, core accounts display with full descriptions to help others familiarize themselves with your chart of accounts.

Export inquiries. When you're ready to print, you now have the option to export inquiries as a CSV file to further analyze their transactions.

Know if an invoice is currently in progress. On the Paid tab of the Invoices page, the check run number displays when you expand the information of a paid invoice if its check run is processing.

Find specific projects. Use the new search feature to find projects by name or by code.

Duplicate Records

Quickly find duplicate records. You can already find possible duplicate records using an address or phone number. Now, you can also use names or emails. When you click Add New Profile, an icon displays beside Name, Address, Email, and Preferred Phone if there is a possible duplicate. This update covers People and Business profiles.

Event Registration

Cancel a registration. When canceling a registration, you can select the Cancel Registration check box, and the registrant will not receive an email. This lets you cancel duplicate registrations without confusing registrants about their registration status.

Realm Ideas for Ministry

Your feedback counts! We're excited to announce an improved way for you to submit product feedback and ideas. The new system makes organizing and commenting on feature requests easier.

  • We’re still listening! Our dedicated team members will monitor and respond to your posts.  Based on your ideas and suggestions, we'll help you find the best solution to accomplish your ministry goals.

  • Deeper focus on research. We'll reach out for additional information to help us understand your request on a deeper level. 

  • New single sign-on experience. No need for additional logins. In the lower left menu, click Support. On the Realm Support page, click Share your feedback.

  • Archival of previous items. We've archived all of the feature requests, ideas, and comments previously submitted. For continued research and awareness, we've added your requests that are planned for 2020, so you can continue to let us know what's important to you.