January 29, 2020


Account for credits given by vendors. If a vendor doesn't issue a refund but instead gives a credit towards future service, enter the credit with your invoices.

Share account numbers with your staff. Print a list of your segments, or export them for others to review.

Print account detail with your list of unpaid invoices. These details include the accounts you use to pay vendors, any comments you may have left, and projects that required a vendor's service.


Print your employees' wages as a predefined report. Select a date range for your wage report, and print important information about your employees, their gross wages, and their tax adjustments.

Event Registration

Export your custom questions as a CSV. After you run your Custom Questions predefined report, you now have the option to export it as a CSV.

Coming Soon

Featured registration events. Choose up to five registration events to feature at the top of the event list.

A new look for your customized help content. We're updating our help site and organization of content to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. You'll soon see a new dashboard and a simplified table of contents.

Remember, when you're working in Realm and need easy answers to questions like "How do I create a query and export to mailing labels?" or "What is an account segment used for?", click the Help Center icon to view product documentation customized for the version of Realm you're using.