February 26, 2020

Giving Forms

Brand your giving. With your logo, your color scheme, and your messages, giving is more customizable than ever! Select as many funds as you want per form to give your contributors the option to choose where they give.

Copy and paste links to your branded forms or place giving forms directly on your site, so your contributors never have to leave.


Export the event payment distribution report as a CSV. You can now export an event payment distribution report in CSV format. You’ll find this report in the Events section of Predefined Reports or on the Registrants tab of a registration event.

Updated roster totals report. When you run a roster totals report, groups are now listed in the same order as they appear in their ministry area.


Save or cancel changes to profiles more quickly. We’ve added new Save and Cancel options at the top of the profile edit page.

Registration Events

Event registration form improvements. The online registration form now more clearly indicates where to enter registrant information for each step. For example, when a parent needs to register a child for an event, the form provides more details about where to enter the parent's information and the child's information.

Forgot your Realm password? The new Forgot Password link on the event registration sign in page can help!

Sacrament Certificates

Pick your own signature date. For Catholic certificates, the Certificate Print Date is now called the Signature Date, and you can customize it! This allows you to print certificates ahead of time and give the priest or pastor plenty of time to sign it, without having to worry about the printed date.

Set the Signature Date when you print the certificate of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, or Marriage. It defaults to the date the sacrament occurred, but you can edit it without affecting the sacrament date. You can also print future dates or leave this field blank if you want to write in a date.

Print Certificates Settings modal showing Signature Date field

Coming Soon

Update your tax year. Change the fiscal year to the calendar year.