December 16, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on December 16, 2020.

Personnel Profiles

Introducing a new way to track personnel! Track your personnel in Realm for quick access to their information.

You can add new personnel profiles or mark existing profiles as personnel. Depending on your denomination, you will see options for either Clergy and Religious or Ministers. You can also add Staff profiles for those who work at your church.

Once you do this, a tab matching the name of the personnel type displays on the profile. Only those with rights will be able to see this tab and information, so you’ll want to make sure to review the necessary permissions.

Profiles showing the new personnel tab for the Clergy type and the Minister type

Personnel display alongside other profiles under Admin > All Profiles. Use the new filter options to gather a list of personnel. The personnel’s position title displays under the name on the profile and in the global search. This way, you can distinguish between congregants and personnel.

Profiles list showing personnel with position titles under their names

Record personnel information on profiles, just like you record congregants. We added several system fields related to personnel, including assignments or positions with role or department, religious order or ministerial status, ordination status, and minister license information. The default list values for these fields depend on your denomination, but you can add, edit, and delete values as needed.

Already tracking personnel info in profiles? Don’t worry if you’re using custom profile fields to track personnel information today. In a coming release, we will have a way to move your existing data into the new personnel fields. For now, you can explore and get familiar with the new personnel features.

More features are on the way! In future releases, we will provide predefined reports that contain personnel-specific information, query parameters that enable you to search on personnel data, and a way to move any existing personnel data into the new fields. Our mobile apps will also reflect the new personnel features.

Keep an eye out for the next releases! Until then, check out the related help articles to get started with personnel profiles.


"Staff Users" is now "Users With Responsibilities". With the release of the Staff type personnel profiles, we renamed the Staff Users system group as well as the area where you add responsibilities. This helps you differentiate between the staff profiles you add to track personnel and the users who have a Realm login.

System Groups setup page under Ministry Areas, and Users With Responsibilities setup page under Users & Permissions

Online Giving

Manually void an online gift. If an online gift has been pending for more than 10 days or you personally refund a check to an online contributor, manually void it to clear it from your online contributions. If you're integrated with Realm Accounting, you can opt to post a processed gift's void to the general ledger. Voiding a pending gift will not post, nor will a void refund money through Vanco.


Updated options for guests. You can choose to register a guest by name or register a certain amount of guests when creating events. Registering by name is just that, entering a name for the individual you want to register. Registering an amount of guests means you're entering a number for the overall amount of guests attending your event. Keep in mind that Check-In is only available for events with guests who are registered by name.


A new group report. In Predefined Reports, you'll notice the Roster Sign-In Sheet on the Group tab. This attendance report allows you to add additional blank columns that you can customize. For Check-In purposes, you can use this report to sign-in and sign-out individuals.


Learn more about emails. We've listed all instances of emails sent out by Realm. The Realm Emails page describes each email feature, how often an email is sent out, what triggers an email, and the type of content in an email.