August 26, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on August 26, 2020.


Share and unshare group and registration events. When you share or re-share an event, the event displays on your newsfeed and notifies all participants by email. When you unshare an event, it is removed from the newsfeed without notifying any of the participants. Each time you share or unshare, a message displays to confirm your action.

Attach resources to registration events. We created a tab called Resources under Registration Event setup. The resources feature allows you to upload documents or links that registrants need to access for an event. After registration, registrants can download or link to the resource directly on the registration page.

Background Checks

Delete manually entered background checks. Users with edit background check permissions have the option to delete manually entered background checks on the Background Check History page. Since Verified First background checks are not manually entered, those can only be edited, not deleted. When you delete a manually entered background check, a message displays to confirm your action. You can also see this change on the Change Log page.


Inactive giving forms have their own space. We separated active and inactive giving forms into their own tabs. This frees up space and make each set of forms easier to find.

Define your giving funds. Enter a comment of up to 2,000 characters that explains what a giving fund is for. This comment is only visible to users with permission and prints on your giving fund report, below the fund's display name.

Forgot your password? While giving online, if a contributor forgets his or her password and has a Realm profile, they can click Forgot your password? to receive an email with their login information.

Realm Accounting

No more balance distribution. When you edit the amount on a transaction or invoice, ERROR - unresolved reference (productAccounting) no longer attempts to balance it with the amount it was before. Only the changes you make will be saved.

Print a complete core account description. Your trial balance and check register reports now display each core account's description in full.

Form 1099

Form 1099-MISC is up-to-date and ready for year-end! While you may not need them yet, our team is working hard to make sure you're prepared for the latest 1099-MISC changes ahead of time. Make note of the following so you know how your forms for this year compare to the last:

  • "Proceeds to an attorney" has moved from box 14 to box 10.

  • This form is specifically named 1099-MISC.
  • Nonemployee compensation is no longer a box on this form.

Where is the box for nonemployee compensation now? Form 1099-NEC is now in ERROR - unresolved reference (productAccounting) to cover nonemployee compensation. You will likely use this form for the majority of your 1099 vendors.

Any accounts using the nonemployee compensation box will automatically move from Form 1099-MISC to Form 1099-NEC.

Coming Soon for the Connect App

Resources for registration events. A future Connect app update will add a Resources tab to registration events details. When you register for an event, you can now view attachments on this tab and download the files to your mobile device.