August 12, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on August 12, 2020.

Volunteer Management: Communicating Schedules

The newest milestone in volunteer management gives volunteer organizers new ways to communicate scheduled assignments to volunteers. Volunteers also now have a new My Schedule page where they can view and manage their assignments and requests.

Save your schedule as a draft. When you create a new schedule, you’ll now be able to save it as a draft. This allows you to assign volunteers and make changes to the schedule as much as you need before you publish it.

Notify your volunteers. When you publish a schedule, volunteers are now notified about their assignments based on their notification preferences. Volunteers are also notified when you make changes to the schedule that involves adding or removing assignments.

Auto-accept scheduled assignments. You can now select how assignments on a schedule are accepted. If you enable auto-accept for a schedule, volunteer assignments are automatically marked as accepted. If you disable auto-accept, volunteers can now accept or decline their assignments.

Send serving reminders. When you publish a schedule, you can create up to two reminders to send volunteers.

View and manage volunteer assignments. As volunteers respond to serving requests on a published schedule, you can view who has accepted and declined. You can also manually accept an assignment for a volunteer if needed, and add or remove volunteers from the schedule.

Volunteers can request their own replacements. If you’ve enabled this setting for a schedule, volunteers will be able to request their own replacement if they discover they can’t serve for an opportunity they’ve already accepted.

Volunteers can view, respond to and manage assignments. In the Community Serving section, volunteers can view and manage assignments from the new My Schedule page. Here, you can accept and decline assignments, find replacements and respond to replacement requests.

Text Messaging for Serving Teams

Enable text messaging for serving teams. When you enable texts for serving teams, volunteers who are opted in for texts from that team can receive serving notifications and reminders via text.

Texts for serving team Inbox messages. If you’ve enabled texting for a serving team, when the volunteer organizer sends an Inbox message to volunteers, they can now select to send the message via text.

Connect App for iOS and Android

View, respond and manage assignments. The next app update adds the My Schedule page to the Serving section. Here, volunteers can view, respond to and manage their assignments. This included accepting or declining an assignment, sending a replacement request, and responding to a replacement request.

Improved Search for Volunteer Management

Find serving teams and serving roles more quickly. Do you have a lot of teams and roles? The teams and the roles pages now both include a search bar to help you find what you need!

Registration Events Reports

Export the online batch report for paid registration events. You can now export the online batch report as a .CSV file. This report displays a list of Vanco batches that include online payments for registration events and provides general ledger information for each event.

Non-Cash Gift Receipts

Print detailed non-cash gift receipts. Each receipt now includes a title as well as optional appraisal information to determine the origin of a non-cash gift's estimated price.

Per the Canada Revenue Agency's requirements, Canadian non-cash gift receipts also include the receipt number that displays on each individual's tax statement.

Online Giving Forms

Copy your giving forms. When you create a copy of a giving form, give it a new name, URL, and optional text giving keyword. All other settings from the copied form remain intact, so there's no need to start over!

No-Reply Emails

Send no-reply emails when comments are turned on. When you post to the newsfeed, add photos, or create an event, a no-reply email is sent to everyone in your group. Group members who receive the email are no longer able to comment on your post by sending an email reply. However, they will be able to view and comment on your post via Realm Connect.