April 22, 2020

View enhancements and corrections released on April 22, 2020.

Volunteer Management

View and manage your serving preferences. On the Serving page of the Community section, volunteers can now view and update their serving preferences. They can indicate which days of the week they are available to serve and enter dates when they are completely unavailable. These preferences display to volunteer organizers when creating schedules, allowing them to know when volunteers on their team can serve.

View and manage your skills and interests. Volunteers can now update their skills and interests on the Serving page. This helps match individuals with the serving roles and teams that fit them best.

See all of your serving teams and roles. Volunteers can view all of their serving teams and roles on the Serving page. Clicking a team’s name displays the team’s page. This provides information about the team, all the serving opportunities for that team, the team’s volunteer roster, and a team Newsfeed, if enabled.

Communicate with volunteers on your team. If you enable communication settings for a serving team, volunteers can now connect with each other through a team Newsfeed. Here, all volunteers on the team can create posts, share images, and reply to content.

Communicate with tools just for volunteer organizers. If you enable communication settings for a serving team, volunteer organizers can now create a team-wide chat or send Inbox messages to volunteers on their team.

Realm Connect Apps updates. The next app update for iOS and Android allows volunteers to: 

  • view and manage serving preferences

  • view and manage skills and interests

  • view their team information and connect through the team Newsfeed.

Volunteer organizers can also create a team-wide chat or send Inbox messages to volunteers on their team.

When creating a group event, you can add a link to an online meeting if you are hosting your event through a video or chat application.

Group and RSVP Events

Add an online meeting link to group and RSVP events. If your groups are meeting online through video or chat applications, you can now add a URL to that online meeting when creating a group or RSVP event. For example, if your group is meeting using Zoom or Google Hangout, enter the meeting URL in the Online Meeting Link text box.

Need to see how many characters you have left for an event title? We added a character count so you can keep track of the amount of letters you're using when adding a title to a group event. There are 50 available characters you can use for a title. This number changes as you add or delete characters. The types of characters counted include alphabetical letters, numbers, punctuation, and spaces.

Print labels from your group participant page. Staff and group leaders have the option to print individual labels for their groups. To print labels, start on the Current Participants page. Click Manage Participants to select individuals or an entire group you'd like to print labels for. From here, go to the Select an action drop down and select Print individual labels.

Payroll - Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Account for emergency sick and family leave. When you create a timesheet group, you can either apply two weeks of emergency sick leave to employees affected by COVID-19, or allow up to 10 weeks family leave, equal to 2/3 of an employee's pay, if they care for children unable to attend school or daycare.

This selection will not be subject to employer social security tax and will provide totals for your tax reports.


Updates to spouse and maiden names. There was some confusion around names in Marriage records. We changed Spouse's (Maiden) Name to Spouse's Name and added a new field for Full Maiden Name. Enter the full maiden name of the person as it should display on certificates. This is helpful if you've already changed their last name in your data and don't want to print the married name on certificates.

Marriage record for Stephanie Bailey showing Spouse's Name "Thomas Bailey" and Full Maiden Name "Stephanie Marie Roberts"

We also added Full Maiden Name to queries as a sub-attribute under Marriage (or your equivalent term).

View the spouse's record. When you enter a marriage record and select the spouse's name from your data, a new icon displays. Click arrow inside box to open the person's profile in a new browser tab.

Marriage record showing "Thomas Bailey" for Spouse's Name and "Stephanie Marie Roberts" for Full Maiden Name

Realm Support Page

Page layout updates. Based on feedback, we've listed the contact options on the Realm Support page in a different order. The email section is now at the top of the page. This is followed by a new phone section, which contains the same information as before - the contact number and operating times for the Support Center.

Registration Events

Apply answers to custom questions to all registrants. When adding or editing a registration event, you can copy answers to other registrants' fields. Let's say you have an emergency contact you want to use for all of your children. When registering, select Allow answer to be copied to all registrants. This automatically fills in the emergency contact field for all of your other children.

New options display when registering. Under the Link to profile field type, we added Marital Status, Suffix, Title, and Gender as profile fields. If you are signed in, the information from your profile will automatically fill these fields when you register for an event. If you edit the automated information, you can select Update profile with response to update your profile with the new answer.

Add a registrant to a pathway. To add people to a pathway from a registration event, you'll need to select the Registrant view. From here, you can select the registrants.To add your registrants, click the Select an action drop-down list and select Add to pathway. Keep in mind, you will only be able to add a named guest to a pathway once the event has ended. However, all other registrants can be added to a pathway before the event is over.

Coming Soon

Add text giving to your giving forms. Create keywords, and set up giving forms to default to when contributors give through text.