April 15, 2020


Track important milestones for congregants. We've opened up the ability for everyone to record sacrament or ordinance information. You may already be tracking this information on profile, and don't worry, you won't lose any of your data. You can still track them just like you have been.

If you haven't been tracking this information, you'll see the Sacraments/Ordinances tab on profiles now. If you use a different term, you can change the name of the tab to fit your needs. We've set up a few defaults, depending on your denomination, to get you started. However, feel free to customize these for your church. Enable or disable any of the sacraments/ordinances to determine what you track on profiles. See our help topics for steps on setting up and recording this information.

Maybe you've been tracking this information in custom profile fields. For you, we have a way to move that data to the new tab.

Image showing General Settings and defaults for Sacraments, followed by General Settings and defaults for Ordinances

Certificates are on the way! Some denominations already have certificates for certain sacraments. We're working on creating baptism and marriage certificates for everyone to use.

Profile Report

Print an individual's sacraments/ordinances. The Profile report now has an option to include sacraments/ordinances. If the person has information entered for a sacrament/ordinance, it prints on the report. Otherwise, "No record on file" displays. Any notes you have entered print beneath each sacrament/ordinance.


That's a wrap! If your invoice and transaction list reports include comments, they now wrap within the designated column so you don't miss a single word.

Giving Forms

Need help embedding forms on your website? Online giving is more important than ever now that we're distancing ourselves due to COVID-19. To help you promote your giving, we've added a page here on our help site dedicated to explaining giving form embeds in more detail.

For a brief introduction to giving forms as a whole, see the video on our Giving Forms page.

We hope that, despite all that's happening, you have a prosperous giving season.

Personalized Help Content

We've upgraded our help site to pave the way for personalized content.

Help that fits the context. When you're working in Realm and need answers to questions like "How do I create a query and export to mailing labels?" or "What is an account segment used for?", click the Help Center icon to view product documentation related to the page you're viewing and customized for the version of Realm you're using.

Browse. Once you're in, use the left menu to browse, or click the Help Center logo to view the main dashboard.

Faceted Search. Search for a term and then limit results by audience type. We'll add more filters in the future.

MinistrySmart Staff Pass Pro

Expanded and advanced topics, ministry training library, and more to help your church thrive. Do you prefer an in-depth training experience? For a small monthly fee, the Staff Pass Pro provides you and your staff all the online courses and quizzes that MinistrySmart currently includes, plus the following:
  • Premium live and on-demand webinars
  • Advanced Realm training
  • Training on risk management and preventative measures
  • Training on enabling your ministry for success

Group Communication

Additional email statuses for Inbox messages. To help you determine your delivery status, we've added additional email status types in the Status column. Here are the definitions:

  • Sent — The email successfully delivered.
  • Undelivered — The email address doesn't exist or is banned.
  • Queued — The email will be delivered once a server accepts it.
  • Unsubscribed — The user canceled their subscription to receive Realm emails.

Updated summary screen. The summary screen explains how Realm delivers your emails. Here are the definitions:

  • Delivered via Email — The number of emails successfully delivered.
  • Remain Undelivered — The number of emails queued, unsubscribed, or undelivered.
  • Delivered via Text — The number of text messages successfully delivered.
  • Delivered via Email and Text — The number of emails and texts successfully delivered.
  • Delivered to Realm Inbox only — The number of messages sent to profiles that didn't set up an email or text preference.

To find your undelivered, unsubscribed, and queued messages, select remain undelivered from the summary screen.

Image showing email status from communication history page.


Select a phone type when adding a profile. Adding a phone number to a profile is a great step toward a better Realm experience. The phone type options display under the Preferred Phone section when you add a new profile. These options include: Mobile, Home, Work, or Other.

Coming Soon

Add text giving to your giving forms. Create keywords, and set up giving forms to default to when contributors give through text.

View and manage your serving profile. Volunteers can view their serving teams and roles and update their serving preferences.

Serving team communication. Serving team pages include a Newsfeed where all team members can create posts and share photos. Volunteer organizers can also send Inbox messages to volunteers and start a team-wide chat.

Account for emergency sick and family leave. In the wake of COVID-19, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was instated to take care of those immediately affected by the pandemic. This gives employees up to two weeks of emergency sick leave. In addition, it allows up to 10 weeks family leave, equal to 2/3 of their pay, for employees who care for children who are unable to attend school or daycare.