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Add a Giving Fund

Add the funds your contributors give to, like a budget or general fund.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Giving > Funds.
  2. Click Add Fund.
  3. On the Fund Details tab, enter a code number and fund name.
  4. The following steps are optional:
    1. If gifts to this fund should not be deducted from a contributor's taxes, select Nondeductible.
    2. Enter a display name if you want the fund to display to your contributors with a name that's meaningful to them.
    3. Enter a comment that describes what the fund is for. This is only visible to users with permission.
    4. If this is an online giving fund, enable online giving, and select a deposit account for the gifts to go into. The account you set as the default will be selected automatically.
      Note: Once you enable online giving for a fund, you must select it in the appropriate giving forms to make it available for online contributors to give to it.
  5. On the Associated Accounts tab, if Contribution Posting is turned on in Realm Accounting, select the checking and income accounts from your list of accounts. If Contribution Posting is turned off, manually enter your checking and income accounts.
    Tip: Your primary accounts apply to all gifts, unless otherwise specified in the Additional Accounts section.
  6. Click Save.