Move Skills and Interests Data from a Custom Field

You can move the information from a custom profile field into the list of skills or interests.

Permissions Required

Only available to administrators and users who have the Manage Skills/Interests permission.

Has your church already created a custom profile field to track skills or interests? You can move this data into the list of skills or interests. This allows you to use the information you've already recorded with the volunteer management tools in Realm.

Moving your data will delete the existing list of skills or interests in Realm, so you should complete this before making any other changes to the lists. We recommend moving your data only once for skills and once for interests.

If you had a custom profile field named skills or interests, it was renamed to skills~ or interests~.

When you move this data:

  • You can choose any List type custom profile field that you've created.
  • This will overwrite the data in the existing list of skills and interests with the data in your custom profile field.
  • The old custom profile field is disabled, but the data is saved.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Volunteers > Skills & Interests.
  2. Click the Skills or Interests tab.
  3. In the info box at the top of the page, click Yes.
  4. In the Select drop-down, select the custom field you want to move.
  5. Click Move Dat.