Default Skills and Interests

This is a list of default skills and interests in Realm.

Default Skills

BuildingThe ability to construct, make and assemble
CleaningThe ability to renew, enhance or refresh
CoachingThe ability to prepare, instruct, train, equip, and develop
CommunicatingThe ability to share, convey and impact
ComputingThe ability to add, estimate, total and calculate
ConsultingThe ability to advise, discuss and confer
CookingThe ability to prepare, serve, feed and cater
CounselingThe ability to guide, advise, support, listen and care for
DecoratingThe ability to beautify, enhance and adorn
EncouragingThe ability to cheer, inspire and support
EngineeringThe ability to construct, design and plan
LandscapingThe ability to garden, plant and improve
LeadingThe ability to pave the way, direct, excel and win
MentoringThe ability to advise, guide and teach
NursingThe ability to provide medical care, heal, aid and make comfortable
OrganizingThe ability to simplify, arrange, fix, classify and coordinate
PerformingThe ability to sing, speak, dance, play an instrument or act out
PlanningThe ability to arrange, map out and prepare
RepairingThe ability to fix, mend restore and heal
TeachingThe ability to interpret, decode, explain and speak
WelcomingThe ability to entertain, greet, embrace and make comfortable
WritingThe ability to compose, create, edit and record

Default Interests

Children's MinistryCaring for the young members of our church family
HospitalityMaking people feel welcome at church functions
Music MinistryLeading and participating with our worship team through musical proficiency
Senior MinistryServing and caring for our older generations
Small Groups MinistryLeading and participating with our congregant-lead groups
Youth MinistryServing and caring for the teenagers in our church and community