Tasks are a automatically created. Think of them as a to-do list created by Realm.

Certain users, group leaders, and ministry area leaders can view a list of items that require their attention. Tasks are not assigned to congregants unless they hold specific permissions in the product, such as "group leader".

Here are some of the things that generate a task entry:

  • Three or more consecutive absences by a group member
  • Group event attendance that might need to marked
  • Contributions that have yet to be posted
  • New announcements
  • Notices of new individuals on a pathway or pathway step
  • A report is shared with you

Some of these actions won't appear on the task list of the person who initiated them, only for other users and leaders.

Your task list can grow very quickly. For that reason, you can delete most types of notifications from it.

View or Delete your Tasks

See what tasks remain on your list.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Tasks. Your tasks display in the list.
  2. Select an item for more information.
  3. To remove a task, select the check box beside the item(s), and click Dismiss. This does not resolve any tasks, just removes them from the list.

    Not every task can be dismissed. Notifications about announcements, recurring payments, pending invites, reports, and certain others can't be deleted. To remove a task that you cannot dismiss or delete, you must complete it.