Sacraments/Ordinances Field Descriptions

Some of the fields you'll encounter while managing sacraments/ordinances.

Sponsors / Witnesses
Sponsor and witness names are saved in the order you enter them. However, you can click-and-drag names to reorder them in the list. Add up to 20 sponsors/witnesses for each sacrament/ordinance. Beyond that, the add command becomes inactive.
Note the following if you print certificates:
  • Confirmation certificate prints only the first sponsor listed on the sacrament/ordinance
  • Baptism certificate prints the first two sponsors listed
  • Marriage certificate prints the first two witnesses listed
Full Maiden Name
Enter the individual's full maiden name as it should print on certificates. If maiden name is not applicable to this individual, select Not applicable, and it will not display on the profile.
Print RCIA Certificate
This appears at the bottom of the list of a congregant's sacraments if it has been enabled on the setup page. But it remains inactive unless:
  • The dates for Baptism Statement of Faith (if selected), First Communion, and Confirmation match. They must also all contain day, month, and year.
  • A year is entered for the sacrament of Baptism (day and month need not be present).