Record Batch Sacraments/Ordinances

You can record sacraments/ordinances for multiple profiles at a time from queries, groups, or pathways.

Permissions required.

Suppose a group of young people recently completed all the classes necessary for confirmation, and the sacrament/ordinance is administered to 20 on the same Sunday. You could, of course, update each profile individually, but assigning them in a batch can be a real time-saver.

There are three places in Realm where you can record sacraments/ordinances in a batch:
  • Pathways – This is the best choice if you've added a pathway to prepare participants for a sacrament/ordinance.
  • Groups – Best if you've created a group/class for people who are preparing for a sacrament/ordinance.
  • Custom queries – Use queries to create a list of people based on any available attribute, then mark their completion of a sacrament/ordinance.
  1. Select the appropriate records. This can be done from either a pathway's step participant list, a group's Participants tab, or the results list of custom queries.
  2. Click the Select an action drop-down list, and select Enter Sacraments/Ordinances Data. Your setup might use a word different than "sacraments" or "ordinances".
  3. Select a sacrament/ordinance.
  4. Fill in the information. This "common data" will be the same on all records. Fields with an asterisk require an entry before you can continue. Indicate if you want to print certificates and notification letters.
  5. Click Next step.

    If you cancel after this point, the data you entered will still be added to the individuals' records.

  6. Fill in the information. This "individual data" can be different for each person who has received a sacrament/ordinance.
  7. Click Next individual, and fill out each form until every profile is accounted for.
  8. If you selected to Print Certificates and Notification Letters, you can do so now. Otherwise, click Done.