Record a Sacrament/Ordinance

The completion of sacraments/ordinances can be recorded on an individual's profile page.

  1. Locate and open the record you want to update.
  2. Click the tab on the profile, named Sacraments or Ordinances by default. It might have a different name if your church has customized it.
  3. Click the sub-tab of the sacrament/ordinance you want to record.
  4. Click Add new to add a new record. If an entry already exists, click the ellipsis icon and Edit to change or add more information. Complete the fields, then click Save.
  5. To clear an entry, click the more options icon, select Delete, and confirm.
  6. Click Add note to include your own text for this sacrament/ordinance.
    Note: Any notes entered here print on the individual's Profile report.