RSVP for a Group Event

Indicate that you're going to attend a RSVP group event.

If you want to attend an event you see on your group Newsfeed, you can RSVP for it. You can also choose to bring guests, and if requested, items to help with the event. Once you've RSVPed to an event, you can return to the event's detail page and click Manage RSVP Details to change your information.
  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Connect. Then click Events.
  2. Click the All Events tab and find the event you'd like to attend.
  3. Click the RSVP drop-down menu and select Going. To see more information about the event, click the event's name. You can RSVP from the event's detail page, too.
  4. If you are bringing additional guests, enter the number of people going, including yourself.
  5. If there's an option to bring items for the event, and you want to bring one, check the box next to the item and indicate how many you're bringing.
  6. Click Save.

    Things To Know

    • To add the event to a calendar, click Add to calendar, then select the type of calendar you use. Add the event as you normally would on your selected calendar.
    • If you want to leave a comment about the event, click the Discussion tab and enter your comment in the Start writing... box.