The MissionInsite Export

With the MissionInsite Export, you can export data from Realm for use in MissionInsite.

MissionInsite lets you “plot” congregants on a mapping interface. From this plot, you can determine the size of your ministry area, visualize potential small group locations, identify potential ministry or church planting opportunities, and more.

With the MissionInsite Export, you can export your Realm data, review and update some fields in Excel or Google Sheets, then import your file into MissionInsite’s People Plot.

Export Data for Realm

Before you can plot congregants in MissionInsite, you must export your congregants' names, addresses, and other related information from Realm. You can do this by selecting a saved custom query.

  1. In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Export MissionInsite Report.
  2. Click the Select a saved custom query text box, then select the custom query from the drop-down menu.
  3. To create the export from the custom query, click Run.
  4. To display the export, refresh the page. The export’s title includes the current date.
  5. To download the export, click the ellipsis icon, then click Download.
By default, MissionInsite saves your export in your Downloads folder.

Review the MissionInsite Export

You must review certain fields before importing data into MissionInsite.

After downloading the MissionInsite export, you can open the file in Microsoft Excel or import it into Google Sheets. 

Columns B-H include the most vital fields and the only data points required for a successful upload. Data in other columns is optional and is not required to plot congregants. 

You must review certain fields before importing the file into MissionInsite. After reviewing and editing the file, save it as an .XLS or .CSV file.
Warning: When editing the file, do not delete or reorder columns or column headers.
Table 1. MissionInsite Export Fields
FieldUpdates and Information
First and Last Name (Columns B and C)

First and Last Names serve as the labels for each relative point on the MissionInsite map.

The export contains all donors, so company names may display in the Last Name field. If you don’t want to upload companies, delete those rows from the export file.

Address (Columns D-H)

Since you’re plotting data on a map, addresses are very important. 

Be sure to clean up the following issues.

  • Complete or remove any entries with blank or missing address information.

  • Remove any P.O. Box addresses. These cannot be mapped. The Address 1 field must contain a physical address. If you'd like to display P.O. Boxes in MissionInsite, enter them in the Address 2 field.

  • Check each column to ensure the data displays in the appropriate cells. Some addresses may shift within the spreadsheet cells.

Primary Phone and Email (Columns I and J)In MissionInsite, primary phones and emails display when you click a mapped location but are not required.
Member Status

MissionInsite recognizes five member statuses:

  • Member (1)

  • Regular Attender/Non Member (2)

  • Non-regular Member (3)

  • Other (4)

  • Visitor (5)

In your export, you must change member statuses to match these numbers. You can do this with find and replace.

Note: Custom Member Statuses 

While Realm allows custom member statuses, MissionInsite does not. 

If you use custom member statuses in Realm, you must change these statuses to one of the five MissionInsite status numbers before importing.

Member by Means

MissionInsite recognizes four member by means statuses:

  • Profession of Faith (1)

  • Transfer (2)

  • Reaffirmation (3)

  • Other (4)

You can plot member by means on maps similar to member status. Before importing the file, be sure your export only contains these status codes.

Optional Fields

These fields are optional, but you can upload them to MissionInsite and filter which individuals display when mapping.

  • First Attend Date

  • Member Date
  • Birthdate
  • Baptism Date
  • Year entered K (Kindergarten)

We suggest reviewing these fields prior to importing.

Import Congregants

After reviewing and updating your export, you can import your congregant list to MissionInsite and plot people.

  1. Log into MissionInsite with your username and password.
  2. If your organization has multiple studies, under Which Study Would You Like to Work With?, select your study’s name.
  3. In the User Assistant, under What Would You Like to Do?, click People Plot.
  4. Click Upload People, then Next.
  5. Select a Study and People Type, then click Next.
  6. Enter a Submitted Byname and Email, then click Next.
  7. Under Text Attribute Mapping, update the Actual Codes for Member Status and Member By Means, if applicable. Click Next.
  8. Under Congregants (Default) Upload, click Choose File.
  9. Select the file, then click Open.
  10. Click Next.
  11. If your uploaded file contains any errors, those display. Open the file in Excel and correct any errors. After correcting the errors, click Previous, upload the file again, and click Next.

After uploading, MissionInsite queues and processes your data. You'll receive an email when this is completed. Then, you can log in and view your congregants on the plotted map.