Pledges Dashboard

Campaign progress, fulfillment status, and average pledge.


Permissions Required. To view the Pledges dashboard, you must have either the Manage Funds, Campaigns, and Online Giving or the Enter Pledges permission set to Allow. To view pledge details, you must have the View Individual Contributions permission set to Allow. For more, see Responsibilities.

In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Dashboards. On the Pledges tab, you can quickly see how any campaign is progressing and view pledge trends over time.

Filter this dashboard to display specific campaigns. Click an item in the graphs to view the details. You can also customize the fulfillment status and age range categories.

Pledge Dashboard showing the clickable areas: total pledged, total pledges, amount forgiven, and points on the graph

Pledges Dashboard Graph Descriptions

How to read each graph on the Pledges Dashboard.

You can review the data for one campaign at a time. Click the filter icon to select your campaign.

Campaign Progress
This displays the overall goal of the campaign you selected and how close you are to pledge fulfillment toward that goal.
Gifts Received over Time
The line graph displays a comparison of the number of pledged and non-pledged gifts you receive each year toward a campaign.
Fulfillment Status
Customize this graph to determine how much a contributor must fulfill to reach a milestone. Click a bar in the graph to show a list of people who have met a milestone or haven't given toward a pledge at all.
Average Pledge by Age
Customize this graph to organize pledge commitments by age group. Click a bar in the graph for a breakdown of which contributors have pledged within a specific group.