Attendance Dashboard

First-time attendees, consecutive absences, and other attendance totals.


Permissions Required. You must have the Edit Group permission set to Allow in one of your responsibilities in order to view the Attendance dashboard. For more, see Responsibilities.

The Attendance dashboard is the place to find out how your groups are doing, how well new people are engaging, and your general attendance trends.

In the top-left corner, click your ministry hub then Realm. Then click Reporting > Dashboards. On the Attendance tab, you can click a link or graph item to view its details. You can also filter what information displays by date range and other criteria. The age range categories can be customized.


You can also locate a member's record and view that member's group attendance from the Groups tab.

Attendance Dashboard Field Descriptions

Some fields you'll encounter using the Attendance dashboard.

This section displays the average attendance per event for a ministry area during the period you've selected. Suppose, for instance, a ministry area had 10 events during a week. If a total of 65 attendees were recorded, the average would be 65/10 or 6.5 per event. Averages let you view attendance trends from yet another point of view. A small average could mean you have an abundance of low-attendance events, while a high average could indicate you're ready to add more events.
First-Time Attendees
Individuals for whom attendance was marked for the first time within this date range.
Joined a Group
Individuals who were both added to a roster and for whom attendance was marked for the first time within this date range.
Gave to the Church
First-time attendees who made contributions within this date range.
Attended Multiple Times
First-time attendees who went to more than one event within this date range.