Use Queries to Send Invitations

Use queries to send multiple invitations to log in to Realm.

If you'd like to send a number of invitations to congregants so they can join your Realm site, you may find it helpful to break the work down by querying specific criteria, then sending invitations to groups who fall within the parameters of your query.

This will email a link to your congregants. Once they click it, they can quickly set up a login for Realm.

For example, the parish administrator may decide to send invitations on Monday to parishioners age 18-33. A week later, she queries for ages 34-55, and a week later, parishioners age 55 and older. This allows her to limit or field telephone calls that may come in asking for assistance with the registration process. Each day, she can monitor dashboards to learn who has accepted the invitation, who is logging in, or just identify those who may need a phone call to spur them to action.

  1. Create a query.
  2. Click Show Results.
  3. Select the check box next to each person you want to invite, or select the box at the top to choose all.
  4. Select Send Realm Invite from the Select an action list.
  5. Confirm by clicking Send in the message. Individuals who have already been invited will receive a reminder email.
  6. In the dialog box that displays, select to have a file emailed to you or download it in .csv format. The file contains the names and contact information of all those individuals who don't have an email address so couldn't be notified. The .csv file can be opened in a spreadsheet program.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. To see a list of invitees, click Profiles > Pending Invites. To send reminder emails, select the check box next to one or more individuals, then select Send a Reminder in the drop-down list at the top of the page.