Update Personal/Privacy Data through Queries

Change privacy for multiple profiles.

Use a query search to update the selections for profile fields or privacy on congregant profiles. This process lets you make the same privacy change to many records at once.

Before you change privacy data, make sure you have the individuals' permission to do so. Individuals with Realm logins and and those who have opted in to the directory will be emailed about privacy changes. If you opt someone in to the directory, they will receive an email if one is listed on their profile.

Note: Congregants may feel strongly about certain information being shared within Realm. Please be sure to talk with individuals before changing their personal or privacy data.
  1. Create a query.
  2. Click Show Results.
  3. Select the check box next to each person whose information you want to change, or select the box at the top to choose all.
  4. Select Change Profile Field from the Select an action list.
  5. Select the field and the value it should have for all the selected profiles. Privacy settings for fields are also among the selections.
  6. Click Make Change, and confirm.