Registration Types Field Descriptions

Details on a few of the fields you'll encounter when creating registration types.

Standard is the default registration type. You can rename this if you like, or delete it once you've created your own custom registration types. Select a registration type from the Default to drop-down menu to choose your own default registration type for the event. Members and guests can Choose a registration type when they are logged in and register. When a type isn't selected, the default is the first option in the list. Administrators and users with permission will see the default registration type when they are logged in and do not see Choose a registration type.
Max Capacity

If you assigned the event a max capacity on the previous screen, this will display in the Max Capacity box. If you did not previously enter a max capacity, you can do this here.

You can also set a max capacity for any registration type. Individual registration type maxes do not have to equal the overall max capacity for your event, if you have one. If you don't set a max capacity on a registration type, no limit is set on the number of registrations for that particular group of people (up to the overall the event's max capacity).

Event Cost
On the Event Cost tab, you can assign a cost to each registration type, making it a paid registration event.