Types of Registrants

Create events with multiple types of registrants, such as children, adult, or staff.


You are in charge of setting up the Vacation Bible School event for your church. Two types of registrants will use your event registration form: children who are attending, and staff who are assisting with the event.

You create two registration types: one for children and one for staff. You also limit the number of children who can attend to 100, and limit the number of staff registrants to 20. Below is an example of how this looks on the Registration Types tab.

Table showing Registration Types Staff and Child, with Maximums 20 and 100, and Public statuses Yes and Yes

Having two registration types allows you to customize registration for different types of registrants. For example, staff may not have a cost of registering (since they are volunteering to help with the event), but there may be a cost to attend for the children.